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item2 item2c3 is mainly aiming to show his dedicated works

in major Exhibitions he joined so far.


Presenting foot steps of art-drawing activities of Haruki OMURA is shown here!

Recent Activities



+Alpine Sketch Club

+Private Exhib. 2018, Ginza

+Kaou-Group Expo.


+Saint-Aube Expo.

+Kyoudou-Dessin club

+Pulse Special Exhibition

+Private Exhib. 2013, Ginza

+Private Exhib. 2008

+All Paintings on "Genre" basis



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+ASAHI Gallery


+HO & Associates





19th Exhibition by Kao-Group was held at Nagatani Gllery in Kichijyouji, Tokyo from Jan. 26 to 28, 2024.


Activities in year 2020

Due to the fact that the new Corona virus is widely spreaded in the world and even in Japan, almost all the cultural activities including art exhibitions were not ready to hold and Haruki OMURA unfortunately missed to join the exhibitions for year 2020, that were used to be held every year.

Major events planned by the "Alpine Sketch club" within year 2020 were cancelled and Haruki OMURA missed to go to mountaneous locations for sketch activities.

Haruki OMURA will take liverty to show you some art works drawn in year 2020 on this Gallery.

Please enjoy them from here !

A big Topic in 2018

#3 Private Exhibition was held at Asahi Gallery in Ginza, from October 6th(sat.) to 8th(Mon.), 2018 !

Please take a look of art works from here!


May.20, 2024 Last update


"Japan Week" festival held at Sevilia in Spain is exhibiting a Haruki's art work ( "Composition in autumn" S15) from Nov. 18 to 20, 2022.

"Le Salon2023" was held at Paris, France in February and his specific art work named "Before a storm would come here ..." was selected and exposed at the Grand Palais Ephemere.


"Kyodo Dessin Group" held its 7th Exhibition from Oct. 18 to 23, 2023 at the Setagaya Art Museum in Tokyo. Haruki OMURA pesented "Before a storm" that was exhibited in Paris.

Recent Topics

In October, 2023

"Waraku Exhibition in Nagoya Art Festival" held at Aichi Art Museum, exhibited named "Avant l'orage...". drawn by OMURA,

In March 8 -10, 2024

"Kanazawa Art Exhibition" held at 21st Century Museum, exhibited named "A Lady lying face down". drawn by OMURA,

"Japan Art Festival" In April 20 -22, 2024

held at Charlottenburg Palase in Berlin/Germany, and

exhibited "I wish find myself under cherry blossom in Spring" drawn by OMURA,

December, 2023

"Juliet" the Italian famous Art Magazin has taken up "Coast nearby Amalfy in the evening daylight" drawn by Haruki OMURA

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